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Over the years I’ve worked as editor, mostly on publications of writers I admire. Now & then for other reasons.

Here’s a sample of work as editor:

a sea story — broadside by Gael Turnbull; 1973; under the imprint byways press

a language without words — pamphlet by Cid Corman; 1974, byways press

thistle brilliant morning — pamphlet of translations from the Japanese by William J Higginson; 1974, byways press

There’s a handful of copies left of all these — if you’d like one, contact me.

The Botanical Basho — versions of classical Japanese haiku by myself, with Yushin Toda, together with poems by Ian Stephen, Thomas A Clark, Valerie Gillies, aonghas macneacail, Alan Spence & Kevin MacNeil on three plants found in the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow. Botanics Press, 2001 (some copies left at GBP £5 including postage). This has a wraparound cover image, without text, of the plant Musa basjoo by Morven Gregor

12th NightMorven Gregor’s photo-essay on the subject; Linen Press 2003

In the dæmon series (2003 — 2007):

inside looking in 12 poemsTom Leonard

The Safest Hiding PlaceAnn Tall

it’s about thisIan Stephen

Before & After MallarméPeter Manson
superb versions of Mallarmé

Han Shan EverywhereLarry Butler

exile / mërgimtari —Ghazi Hussein, Ayad Alhiatly, Mahmood Farzan, Shahin Memishi & others

I Am Your Spy — Mordechai Vanunu — poems by the man who blew the whistle on Israel’s nuclear weapons & was kidnapped & imprisoned for 18 years, 11 in solitary (now imprisoned again for speaking to reporters) — poems in English, Hebrew & especially commissioned & for the first time in Arabic, translations by Bouzekri Ettaouchi. Also contains a free DVD by Camcorder Guerillas, Voices For Vanunu— from the reading by Alasdair Gray, James Kelman, Tom Leonard, Liz Lochhead, Gerry Loose, & Agnes Owen, campaigning for the election of Mordechai Vanunu as Rector of the University of Glasgow. Succesful campaign.

60/60 — sixty Scottish poets’ poems on the sixtieth anniversary of the bombings at Hiroshima & Nagasaki; with a statement & poem by a survivor of the Hiroshima bomb

Ar Dùthaich — poems & prose concerning landownership in Scotland

Fight or Flight? — poems from the GalGael apprentices & the late Colin MacLeod

beyond all measure - Asmaa Khalil Abou al-Robb & Iyad Hayatleh; Arabic & English poems

All these are still available, with the exception of Exile / mërgimtari & Before & After Mallarmé (though Peter Manson may have a few of the latter left at — just email me with your details & I’ll tell you where to send a cheque for GBP £2.50 or equivalent. Same price for each issue; includes postage.

 & Botanic Press with Essence Press:
Window on the Garden by Hamish Whyte.  A year-long contemplation of his Edinburgh garden.  A4 folded lengthwise 25pp fuschia endpapers. Wraparound paper cover, no text,  image of  birch trunk by Morven Gregor.

     old cooking pot under sky where I wash my hands gardening stir up

     little frogs carry them to the pond where geese now argue no nothing