Gerry Loose


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On this page you'll find out of print & uncollected works. The page will change sometimes, but I hope to have links or thumbnails to whatever has been on it.


A recently rediscovered early work (1971)
which seems to have lasted more than 6 months


Knockariddera - a pdf file of the booklet first published by                     Galdragon Press, Glasgow in 1991 

[215kb, Adobe Reader required.]

     Pages from collages & detournements.
     The first image is one frame  from  "POISONOUS  PLANTS  ON  THE
     FARM (MAFF BULLETIN No.7.5" from a mail art show in the late 80s
     in Glasgow & Tokyo.
     Subsequent images are from a show at the Pearce Institute, Glasgow, July
     1996 "It's Who You Know" with Kathy Galloway & Tom Leonard.




                             stepping out for a piss I can't let the door

                             latch click  listening to the owl's call